Fields of interest in Computer Science:
  • Sematic Web
    Endpoint SPARQL, OWL, Liked Data.
  • Distributed System
    Message Queue, Synchronization.
  • Angets Intelligents and MultiAgent Systems
    Agent Cooperation and Collaboration
  • Software Ingineer Refactoring
    Refactoring to Patterns

Principal developer of the open-source Agent Server Web.

The list of software development skills includes:
Main projects developed:
  • Teacher
    Department of Computer Sciences
    UTEC - University of Technology and Engineering

  • Teacher Assistant
    La Web de Datos (Linked Data)
    Department of Computer Sciences
    Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
    University of Chile

Computer Science Department
Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Beauchef 851

tchambil [at] dcc [dot] uchile [dot] cl
antony_epis[at] hotmail [dot] com

Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Chile (Spanish: Universidad de Chile), and experienced in the field of Semantic Web “Data Web”, development of software projects and agile methodologies for software development. Research areas of interest: Semantic Web (Linked Open Data, RDF, EndPoints SPARQL), Multi-agent System, RESTFul Distributed Systems, Software Engineering (refactory) and Data Mining.

  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science (Highest honors) (2015)
    Universidad de Chile, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Sciences
    Department of Computer Sciences
    Financed by SCHOLARSHIP OF PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC (PRONABEC, by its Spanish initials)

  • Bachelor in Engineering Systems (Upper third) (2008)
    Private University of Tacna (Spanish: Universidad Privada de Tacna)

  • IT and Computer Technician (2004)
    Higher Technological Institute Francisco de Paula González Vigil (Spanish: Instituto Superior Tecnológico Francisco de Paula González Vigil)